Prompt: World is ending. Leave a message for alien explorers.

“The world is ending,” we say. That should give you an idea of what our species is like. We believe the world is us. Truth is, the planet, the universe will still be here when we are gone. I don’t think it will be any less without us in it. There is no value to the universe.

I hope you’ll find more from humanity than this little note. We did a lot of quite ingenious things, with stones and trees and ideas. We found some things we thought were truths about the universe, and a lot of things we thought were truths about ourselves. Look at both; the second set might not be as useful, but it might at least give you a laugh.

I hope your species knows humor. The universe is a very scary place, otherwise.

If you don’t, humans are evolved in such a way that some things make us happy in a specific way, and then we make sounds and shake. We call that laughter. We laugh at some really good things, and some really horrible things. It might not make sense to you. It doesn’t to us either, sometimes.

If this is the only info about humans you have found: I don’t know what to tell you. We were social bipeds. We figured out language and tool use some tens of thousands of years ago, and then it got away on us a little.

Sorry for the trash out there in the galaxy, by the way. We were looking for you.

If I can ask you something: go and make friends. That’s what we were really about.