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there are many good frogs on this great blue marble of ours. (that's the earth.) on this frog blog i will be posting pictures and fun facts about some of my favorite frogs.


imbabura tree frog

posted on 10/29/2014

the imbabura tree frog has great eyes it looks like it's wearing eye makeup but frogs don't do that. anyway it lives in ecuador and colombia.

amazon horned frog

posted on 10/17/2014

the amazon horned frog is giant and ridiculous looking. it can be 8 inches long--wow!!!--and has a huge wide mouth because it'll eat anything it can fit in there. which is a lot of stuff.

green skeleton frog

posted on 10/13/2014

skeleton frogs usually have translucent skin so you can see their skeletons. that's where the name comes from. their scientific genus name is "boophis" whihc is a funny name. this one lives in madagascar where pretty much all the best animals live.

grainy glass frong

posted on 10/12/2014

this frog lives in costa rica. it's called a glass frog because you can see its guts right through its skin. real weird frog but also really pretty???

common reed frog

posted on 10/10/2014

this is a common reed frog but if you ask me there's nothing "COMMON" about it. it's a tree frog which is one of the best kinds of frogs imo. this frog comes in many patterns and colors but i like the one in this picture. also it might be poisonous--DO NOT EAT THIS FROG.

pignose frog

posted on 10/10/2014

this here is a pignose frog. it's purple (what!!! haha) and lives in india and it's usually underground in wet sand but some scientists dug it up and it made these angry noises.

phantasmal poison dart frog

posted on 10/10/2014

there is a real frog that's really called the "phantasmal frog." more like "phantastic phrog" is what i say. that's just a little frog humor for you ;)

yellow-bellied toad

posted on 10/10/2014

true story: toads are just frogs. like they're just a type of frog, they're not a different animal. cool! this here is a yellow-bellied toad, it lives in western europe and likes small puddles which means it hangs out in pools caused by tractors and things like that. hi toad

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