07 january 2024

Pretty productive day. It, being early January, is time for me to generate a year's worth of email subject & body texts that remind people about meetings that occur on an "nth weekday of every month" kind of schedule, for pasting into my email composer & scheduling to be sent n number of days ahead of each meeting. For that, I happen to have a nice little Python script that figures out all of the relevant dates and plugs them into the right spots, including when the meeting is, when agenda items are due (4 days before the meeting), and when the reminder email should go out (7 days before the meeting), and spits all that out into a single text file.

Before I generated my email content, though, I made some improvements to my script! I added typer prompts so it'll ask you for all the parameters one by one. I also added basic jinja2 templating so the non-variable parts of the emails can be edited more easily.

So now my script is updated and my emails for this year are scheduled. Done and done!

The script is part of a small collection of scripts so small that publishing them in separate repositories would be overkill. See the "meeting-email-helper" directory in Cordelya's Python Minis.

OH! I nearly forgot.. I last tested on January 5th. Still positve but that line was barely there. Will test again tomorrow morning to make sure I'm good to go to work.

01 january 2024

I haven't tested yet today, but likely still contagious wheee.

Made some adjustments to the styling on my tilde.club homepages. It's really starting to come together nicely.

Spent almost all day yesterday playing Techtonica, and the rest playing Sea of Stars.

Techtonica is pretty and interesting, but I got to the point where I was figuring amounts of raw materials needed for Tech Tree turn-ins on paper, which is right about when it's time to log out - right before we spin up a spreadsheet. With a few very small, very specific exceptions: there should be zero spreadsheets in games.

26 december 2023

I have hot tea and Danish cookies. Therefore, things cannot be all bad.

25 december 2023

Technically still the 24th

Yesterday was day one of living in a covid household (I'm not the one who tested pos). Since my main computer is in the quarantine room, I'm set up in the dining room with some notebook computers. I miss my main computer already.

I did the obligatory "while you're here, can you fix ?" early yesterday. The cited problem? "The Roku isn't working." Reader, would you believe that the wireless networking on the house router was toggled "off"? As soon as I toggled it back on, the Roku stopped complaining. Wow.

I continued tweaking the css on my ~ page to my liking. I'm trying real hard to avoid the temptation of switching to using php to manage separate unified templates for header, footer, and sidebar so I only have to edit each one once.

The pull of php includes is strong :D

Actually the 25th

This morning's covid test was negative.

I've got my usual Die Hard movies queued up (yes, that's correct - both Die Hard and Die Hard 2 are set in late December).

Added a gallery page to my tilde site.

24 december 2023

Day One

In Gaming

I missed the 2nd No Man's Sky Expedition ("Cartographers") the first time around. It's getting a replay this week, so I was finally able to complete it.

One shiny Golden Vector ship, now available in my Expedition Rewards!

In Food

Went shopping with spouse and was "helpfully" enabled into a bunch of cookies I don't need but would have been sad if I'd not gotten them. Mainly imported cookies I can't get at the nearest grocery store. I will eat them slowly so they last longer, I suppose.