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Hello there!! to my special NES dedicated website! Here i write about NES dedicated stuff! My xp with the NES started a few years ago, when i bought a second hand NES with an Zapper and 2 controllers and Super Mario Bros./Duck hunt! I dont think it was an original set like NES Action Set, but i CAN be one.. Enyoy your journey on my corner on the WWW!!

The History of the NES

It was 1983. The U.S. video game market has crashed (Video game crash of 1983) due that consoles and that games where poorly made and the interest in consoles where waning because personal computers are getting more populair because the prices where dropping fast and the fact that computers could play games too and do much more than a console at the same price. Dan Gutman recalled in 1983 that "People asked themselves, 'Why should I buy a video game system when I can buy a computer that will play games and do so much more?'", and The Boston Phoenix stated in '83 (about the cancellation of the Intellivision III) "Who was going to pay $200-plus for a machine that could only play games?" and in late '83 Gutman wrote, "Video games were officially dead and computers were hot". Because off all that, the revenue of the video game market had a drop of (almost) 97(!) percent. And on top of this, the age of arcade games came to an end too. The second gen of console video gaming was over. the video game console industry recoverd a few years later, mostly because of the success of the NES! The NES avoided all (at least, was designed too) the missteps what caused the 1983 crash. The reasons why the NES was so populair because it was easy to use, has top quality games, has good design and much more. By the time the U.S. video game market recovered in the late 1980s, the NES was by far the dominant console in the United States, leaving only a fraction of the market to Atari. By 1989, home video game sales in the United States had reached $5 billion, surpassing the 1982 peak of $3 billion during the previous generation. A large majority of the market was controlled by Nintendo, Who sold more than 35 million units in the U.S, exceeding the sales of other consoles and personal computers! Thats why the NES is THE console of the 80's. Oh yea, before i forgot, the NES was first released in Japan in 1983 as the Family Computer (FC), commonly known as the Famicom. Later,in 1985 it was released in the US and in 1986-1987 in the EU under the design as we know it today.

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