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I am Voybridge. You can find a list of all my websites and socials at me.sludge.town.

This page is where I will chronicle dreams I've had that caused me to wake up laughing.


I filled an old bra with mayonnaise and match heads. I set fire to it and it went BANG with a mayonnaise-y explosion.

I saw Nick Griffin in the supermarket. I smashed his hands with a mallet and rubbed cheese in his face.

I lay flat on the floor and asked "What kind of coffee am I being? ...A flat white." (I am a white person.)

Two cats got stuck by their collars to either end of a concertina. One of the cats fell off a table, and pulled the other cat down with it.

A diner in a restaurant folded their menu into the shape of an arse. The paper arse floated upwards, in defiance of physics, until it got caught in a ceiling fan.

I visited a friend's base in No Man's Sky. He showed me some custom decals (which you can't actually make in the game in real life), saying 'CLAGGER LOGGER 9000' and 'SENIORS BUMMED'.

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