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Welcome to my corner of the Internet! o/

I like

  • Blue color
  • Cats
  • Minecraft
  • Programming in Python and PHP
  • Linux (Ubuntu / Debian)
  • Docker
Actually lemons are not my favorite. The name looks cool though.

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This page uses minimal javascript for the menu, because it's fancy and this way I only need one file to edit.

I play on Tildecraft - My house is at XYZ: -1105 68 492

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I have a main desktop computer and two main notebooks. Also I collected some vintage / old Macs for fun. I absolutely love all of them.

The Desktop - iMac 27" 5k 2019 (CTO):

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8500 @ 3.00GHz (6 cores)
  • RAM: 40 GB DDR4 @ 2400 MHz
  • GPU: Radeon Pro 570X 4 GB
  • SSD: 500 GB
[EveryMac specs link]

The Notebook - MacBook Pro 13" 2020 (CTO):

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8257U @ 1.40GHz (4 cores)
  • RAM: 16 GB LPDDR3 @ 2133 MHz
  • GPU: Iris Plus Graphics 645
  • SSD: 256 GB
[EveryMac specs link]

The Traveller Notebook - Macbook 12" Retina 2017 (CTO):

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-7Y75 @ 1.40GHz (2 cores)
  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR3 @ 1866 MHz
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 615
  • SSD: 500GB
[EveryMac specs link]

I'm not a fanboy, I just like Apple products. I switched to Hackintosh when Windows 10 came out, because I did not like the mess. That was my best decision of my life. But after a while when yearly updates come, I wanted a simplier life, so I bought my first iMac!