~~~Welcome to Nozlee's Tilde Club World~~~~

Hi I'm Nozlee!! I like making things and taking the subway. My least favorite foods are celery and olives, yuck!

This is my website all about me!! Specifically, I think this is a website all about the things I have made: mostly clothes, sometimes enormous meals, infrequently furniture.

~~Top 10 Things I've Made in 2014~~~

(As seen on Instagram)

  1. A big batch of chili oil
  2. A hand-painted banner for The Morning News for the 10th anniversary of the Tournament of Books
  3. A small ottoman made of fabric and cotton balls and cardboard and pins as a proof-of-concept prototype
  4. A Duncan Hines vanilla cake with vanilla frosting for Leah Finnegan's 28th birthday
  5. A dress made of fabric printed with buildings from New York City (I live in New York City)
  6. An Easter/Passover dinner for 16 friends
  7. A human-sized ottoman made of leather and foam and batting and staples and buttons
  8. A dress that is reversible just because
  9. A collard* dress printed with the leaves of different vegetables from the Brassica family *pun
  10. A domestic partnership

Maybe I will update this with things I have made in other years, too! Like my first Sailor Moon website, or the couch I made. Who knows!


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