I put some gifs on here, and then made a parody site, and then someone bought a domain so now thanks to frames, you see the wonderful site to the left. Enjoy.


please tell me this isn't straight out of Matt's Script Archive[tm]
kentbrew on 10/18/14

lol on 10/16/14

:wq ftw!
jagthedrummer on 10/16/14

Needs more marquees and add some blink tags
Brian Cardarella on 10/16/14

This really takes me back
Gabe on 10/16/14

awwww yeaaahh
1337 h4x0r on 10/16/14

I am me.
me on 10/16/14

HTML JASON on 10/16/14

i like the part where you added a guestbook 😏
holman on 10/16/14

We should make a webring!
mr_ndrsn on 10/16/14

seems legit
FormKeep on 10/15/14

You're a great human. I need to stop by Cowork again.
Cole Townsend on 10/15/14

Call me!
Ishmael on 10/15/14

hi man.
Heather Rasley on 10/15/14

~alexander on 10/15/14

I like your page.
Andrew on 10/15/14