Newest content:

  • World is ending – a prompt-based writing exercise: a letter to the aliens who discover Earth after Humanity went extinct.
  • the Sea shanty explainer, originally a Mastodon thread

I find that I like using my tilde as an archive, especially of social media posts. It’s nice to have those words somewhere less ephemeral.

I haven’t quite decided how to structure things, though. Right now I have the archived threads filed under their respective topics (fandom and resources), but I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to have them together instead.

I collected some bits originally written on - Mastodon is fun, but it’s your typical black hole of content and things get lost fast.

Middle Earth saga re-read are posts about my attempt to (re)read Silmarillion, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

The Mandalorian is a collection of toots about the Season 2 episodes (with some additional commentary added as I was compiling it. What can I say, I have Opinions!)


I added Making the case for The Phantom Menace, an essay about Star Wars: Episode I originally posted on Dreamwidth.

I decided to share some of my fanfic: drabbles.

I was a bit worried about mentioning this bit here, but you know what? If Virgil could do it, and Milton could do it, what’s there to be ashamed of?

Found a few amusing bits of words I wanted to put somewhere online. Can be found on the “Random-ass writing” page.

Also caved in and did some styling.

When I looked at this page and thought: “I should put a date here”, I realized it’s time to give up and use the posts functionality of Jekyll. So this is now a blog, I guess? IDK.

And we have a header with page title and a homepage link now! It’s funny how this thing is iteratively turning into a “normal” website.

As of 2020/05/31 my activity on tildeverse consists of

  • updating my homepage three times
  • figuring out how to post in #meta on IRC
  • writing a whole new page and then being too chicken to publish it
  • setting up Jekyll; getting sidetracked from writing content by setting up even more Jekyll
  • creating a “widget” to display random stuff (last book completed, last search)
  • making a pull request to wiki with instructions how to post in #meta on IRC
  • starting a section of resources to dump links
Last book I finished:
Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (in That Order) by Bridget Quinn, Lisa Congdon
Last time this site was updated:
22 February 2021