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No CSS! ...but why?

  1. CSS is very nice in theory, but modern web dev has made a mockery of its attempt at dividing content from form. If you read the source to this site, I think you'll find that the <center> tags, bgcolor attributes, and <table> layouts are nothing compared to the inferno that is any modern web site. Does it really matter if you put color and align attributes on tags when most of today's CSS rules applied to #ids do much the same exact thing? I think there's an argument that this way is actually more readable...
  2. I am a retrocomputing enthusiast and want to be able to read and update this site from various obsolete junk. Therefore, no CSS, because Netscape 2.0 doesn't support it.
  3. This way you can easily override the styles with browser settings or your own stylesheet, if you want.
  4. It's just fun pretending that it's 1995.

No CSS! Linux Now!
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