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October 11, 2014

I didn't get my cast off. :( Instead I got crutches! Today we went all the way to JFK to see the terminal that Eero Saarinen designed, and getting there went like this:

Whew! Then it turned out that the Saarinen terminal itself was only accessible via a further staircase; everyone was very nice and tried very hard to figure out how to get me there, but in the end I climbed the stairs and J carried the wheelchair. It was very beautiful and worth the trip!

Then the event ended and we went home via the same steps but backwards, except that this time I was very grumpy and tired and sweaty and stopped every few steps to complain, about which J was very patient.

One unexpected aspect of using crutches is that I can't carry a totebag! Today I wore a backpack and it was kind of fun, maybe I will keep wearing it even when I get better.

Dinner today was aloo gobi with naan, and then for dessert we made chocolate chip cookies but with peanut M&Ms instead of chocolate chips.

October 8, 2014

Here are some things about which I feel very positively!

  1. Today I am wearing a dress that my partner borrowed last weekend to wear to a party; he sat for a while next to a firepit and now it smells pleasantly of smoke.
  2. I went back to yoga today for the first time since injuring my foot while dancing at XOXO. (It is still in a cast until tomorrow.)
  3. I just found this tumblr featuring animated gifs of a video game about bread and it reminded me fondly of the terrible graphics I made for the Computer Graphics course I took in college, failed, and then took again. (I got a C the second time.)
  4. Dinner is going to be dal and a salad of escarole, lemon, and avocado.


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